Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Unions Electioneering By CHOICE-Isn't it Time?

We have been force fed for the past 100 years, flogged brutally with it over the past few, that nothing Good or Right can be done without some sort of D.C. Legislation. I am going to give the notion the benefit of acquiescence for this thought exercise and would ask you to a)Do the Same long enough to consider this proposed Legislation and b)Help with an experiment to make advantage of the current position of "Overton Window" on this notion by making this post VIRAL.

Where As the Billions invested by Union Organizations on Electioneering has been acknowledged as Money Flushed Down the Toilet by the Obama White House

and Where As  Union Pension Systems are heading towards insolvency like a Tsunami due to unfunded liability and swelling overheads and electioneering expense

and Where As the Pension Safety Net (Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation -sort of like Fannie Mae for Pension Ponzi?) is unravelling as fast as the Union programs as U.S. Treasury Debt exceeds GDP AND May NOT be available

and Where As the Union Membership should enjoy the Economic Freedom and 1st Amendment voice to participate in the Democratic Decision making regarding the Expenditure of their contributions

Sunday, June 6, 2010

As Good As It Gets...until January in NI?

The past week some important news was lost in the Pay-2-Play (just politics as usual, nothing really) news vortex. One item is a long overdue media breakthrough, the other of an Historic important trend that is being completely ignored during the European financial circus. The best news of the week, also under reported is that G20 decided against continuing Bailout nation policy in deference to addressing deficit spending. -Even Helicopter-Ben Bernanke now thinks it's OK to address the Deficit spending trends.- This is a policy I can believe in, if it were only possible for the Corrupt-o-crats to implement we would be set on the right path.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Privatized Services:Bandage or SmokeScreen?

The EU Bailout of Greece demanded austerity measures by the Government including some level of Privatization of public sector services [requirements are beyond scope here]. Today the announcement comes that minority stakes in the Railroad, Postal, and Regional Water companies are to be auctioned to raise funds as condition of another Trillion dollars of new debt. Click ReadMore for my analysis.