Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Unions Electioneering By CHOICE-Isn't it Time?

We have been force fed for the past 100 years, flogged brutally with it over the past few, that nothing Good or Right can be done without some sort of D.C. Legislation. I am going to give the notion the benefit of acquiescence for this thought exercise and would ask you to a)Do the Same long enough to consider this proposed Legislation and b)Help with an experiment to make advantage of the current position of "Overton Window" on this notion by making this post VIRAL.

Where As the Billions invested by Union Organizations on Electioneering has been acknowledged as Money Flushed Down the Toilet by the Obama White House

and Where As  Union Pension Systems are heading towards insolvency like a Tsunami due to unfunded liability and swelling overheads and electioneering expense

and Where As the Pension Safety Net (Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation -sort of like Fannie Mae for Pension Ponzi?) is unravelling as fast as the Union programs as U.S. Treasury Debt exceeds GDP AND May NOT be available

and Where As the Union Membership should enjoy the Economic Freedom and 1st Amendment voice to participate in the Democratic Decision making regarding the Expenditure of their contributions

and Where As It is recognized that the avoidance of Pensions Defaults will NOT occur if left alone and that BOLD action is required.

and Where As We can ALL AGREE that to DO NOTHING is IRRESPONSIBLE and that the beneficiary of Union Good Will for So Long, Washington insiders, should be willing to participate by embracing their Fair Share of the required SACRIFICE.

Be it Resolved that Bold Action be taken immediately to codify and regulate Organized Unions for a Responsible Future, through this Legislation.

The Union Electioneering By Choice Act hereby gives each member the RIGHT to CHOOSE to Contribute to Lobbyists, Politicians, and the requisite Union Overheads, through a Membership Electioneering Contribution Card (MECC).

Failure to provide a Membership Electioneering Contribution Card will by DEFAULT retain MEMBER CONTRIBUTIONS in the PENSION ASSETS FUND, where they are needed and will serve the MEMBERSHIP the MOST.

Organizational Overheads shall be slashed with current staff returning to the Bench for work. District Level Negotiating Teams shall be created through Self-Governance by District Membership, and not supported by General Overhead Burden.

To the extent that is financially supported by MECC electors, the Union Organizational Overhead for Lobbying may be retained, however; all Union Organization Staff Overhead shall be dedicated to Financial Services or JOB Specific Training Programs that directly Benefit the MEMBERSHIP.

It is an illegal act, punishable by a life sentence in a Sheriff JOE labor correctional facility, to discriminate against, or CAUSE HARM TO members exercising their DEMOCRATIC RIGHT to contribute to the PENSION SYSTEM instead of making a CHOICE for ELECTIONEERING.

Further, physical harm to any MEMBER that by CHOICE supports PENSION contribution will be DEEMED a HATE CRIME with appropriate adjustments to Correctional Sentence.


Let Me Be Clear, This message has been inspired by information provided by Glenn Beck on his new book, but is not endorsed by Glenn Beck,  The Overton Window,  Mackinac Center for Public Policy, or anyone else that really matters.

These aren't the Droids You're Looking for; Isn't It Time for Unions Electioneering By CHOICE?

Yours in Liberty,

Joe Elector

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