Thursday, January 10, 2013

TyraNanny and the Assault Weapon Grab

Memo To My Congressman

Dear Congressman:

I am incredulous at the thought of Congress considering GUN LEGISLATION that will make enemies of millions of its citizens, breaching a trust long held. I urge you to stand for individual liberty and trust in the citizenry, as our Constitution affirms and clearly outlines.

I urge you with the greatest commitment to VOTE AGAINST FEINSTEIN AWB and any other legislation that purposes registration and banning of so-called "Assault Weapons." These firearms are in tens of millions of households, held by good citizens, keeping the peace, and preserving their liberty. The percentage of criminal use of these guns is infinitesimal and statistically insignificant, compared even to the number of Lives TAKEN with TAX Dollars in the hands of Planned Parenthood.

More importantly these proposed laws registering and banning this broad category of guns will have no affect on crime. As we saw in the CT massacre at Sandy Hook, criminals will steal their guns, ignore ALL laws, and in the end probably use other destructive devices to kill people (buses, cars, poisons, homemade bombs, etc).

The only effective solution to these killers is an immediate armed response, just like civilian Nick Meli in a mall in Clackamas, OR. With his Glock, he foiled a mass shooting, saved lives. An armed civilian stops these mass killings! ARMED Law Enforcement rotating through schools from RADAR SPEED TRAP DETAIL ARE THE ANSWER, NOT criminalizing millions of good Americans. That will cause much greater problems. But this isn't about guns or greater public safety, or stopping the killings, it's about people control. This feels much more ominous, and based on wait times for CBI at purchase - I am not alone in this feeling.

The fingerprinting, registration, and guaranteed future control of an owner of firearms VIOLATES the Second Amendment. Further I argue that CBI information is NOT PUBLIC, but Privately disclosed by LAW ABIDING CITIZENS and should be held as PRIVATE as HIPPA Medical information. It is a glaring manifestation of an overreaching, out of control government...the very thing which our founders feared and wished to prevent. Assaults on the 2nd Amendment will have a domino effect. Other rights are also being attacked, through bureaucrats that have usurped Congressional Power in an out of control administration. My only fear is persistent tyrannical activity could lead to civic unrest.

Current and future "assault weapons bans" will be unenforceable as well, particularly in a Capital Hill environment that can't afford to pay attention -or the Public Debt. Our Forefathers installed the 2nd Amendment to PREVENT Gun Violence and a country where in the end, only the criminals and the government will be armed. In determining the course of this country this might be your most important vote. Firmly PRESERVE GUN OWNERS RIGHTS and accept no compromise. I thank you for your support in this area; andI will watch your vote will great interest and gratefully support you in future elections for your defense of our Constitution.


Joe Elector

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