Thursday, April 7, 2011

Trump is Not Perot Again?

A pair of items today caused a moment of reflection as WE approach the 2012 election cycle. First was the Today Show Interview of Donald Trump by Meredith Viera [Must See TV] and the second was the thoughtful Comment to a Forbes Blog Article on Trump's Left-Leaning Donations, apparently aimed at preemptively striking conservative support for a Trump Presidential bid.
I am delighted by the former, as The Donald is able to break through the Left Wing Media Apparatus to call things out and can help focus the debate where WE need it. 
I am concerned by the Latter, as so FEW facts are employed to create a deceptive (IMHO) picture of Donald Trump's activities when he was clearly focused on Real Estate Development. [I challenge you to be successful with Real Estate Development in New York & Chicago with only GOP donations] I don't know if Brendan Coffey is Left-Wing or Right-Wing leaning his-self, but the tactic is as employed by radical organizers and counter productive to U.S.

Shutting down a Trump bid at this stage helps only Incumbents at all levels, and I plan to encourage open debate about the Real State of The Union, in lieu of allowing the Progressive Propaganda Outlets to run unabated. The Just-like-Perot discount tactic will be employed should Donald Trump or any other Non-Establishment Candidate enter the ring, and WE need to be prepared to support the most principled and fiscally responsible officeholders that we can elect.  In the interim lets encourage truthful analysis to permeate the Media outlets.
I would encourage you to read and ponder the Comment Posted by Tedinpdx, pasted here in it's entirety. Perot is Not Trump, and America can't tolerate Obama Ver 2.0

In this just completed decade, we have watched the selection process for President deteriorate to the point where it is almost identical to the one we use to select “The American Idol” or the winner of “Dancing with the Stars”. When a person like Sarah Palin shows up at the top of a poll showing Republican’s preferences for presidential candidates, it raises fundamental questions as to the viability of our entire political process. For even more devastating evidence, look no further than the current disaster-in-progress which is the Obama administration.
When I heard that Donald Trump was seriously considering running, I was skeptical, and I still am. I know whereof I speak: in 1992, I and a group of other civic-minded folks in my home state of Oregon organized the Perot ballot initiative which put Ross Perot on the ballot in Oregon as a presidential candidate. As chairperson of that group, I had occasion to meet Perot and participate in a meeting he held in Dallas of all the state campaign chairpersons. What I discovered was a man [Ross Perot] singularly un-suited to participating in the political process, and by temperament, one who’s totalitarian instincts might have created serious problems for this nation had he been elected.
At the time, those of us who got behind Perot (in February of 1992) were motivated by his apparent commitment to forcing government to live within it’s means, and a hypothetical belief that his success in business would translate into success as President, particularly given the issue that mattered most to us, ie: elimination of deficit spending by the federal government. To say that we guessed wrong is an understatement, given the actual outcome of our initiative. But even with the benefit of that negative first-hand experience betting on success in business as a predictor of success as a political leader, I’m not prepared to write-off Donald Trump’s potential to provide the leadership this country desperately needs here and now.
In terms of “apparent temperament” and political skill, Barrack Obama is an obvious prodigy. However, in substance, based on the empirical evidence of his conduct once elected, I would classify his election as the most egregious mistake ever made by the American electorate (and BTW, I voted for him), and a man who’s radical political ideology and extreme narcissism, pose a clear and present danger to the immediate future of this country. The damage Obama has done in just two years to this country is hard to comprehend. We may need someone as decisive, and with a deep intuitive understanding of the necessity to restore our free-market economy, that Mr. Trump might well be uniquely qualified to deliver. Therefore I plan to wait and see if he can navigate the gauntlet of our dysfunctional and profoundly corrupt political process, and make the case that he might be our best hope of fixing it.

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