Friday, March 25, 2011

Three Little Perps, Is FUNDING Obamacare illegal?

Misappropriation :"The misappropriation of funds is stealing money or other property that was entrusted to the perpetrator but is owned by someone else, who is the victim."

"Misappropriation is a felony crime punishable by imprisonment."

Whether by Miscommunication or Intentional Non-Consensual Regulation, what began as a sales pitch to make Health Care more available and affordable for the American people, emerged as a healthcare industry hijacking by bureaucrats which have far reaching impacts on Economy and Liberty of the average American.

WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America made clear, through Peaceful Assembly and Speech, OUR understanding that President Obama's Government Takeover of the Healthcare System was not Constitutionally allowed. The U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate proceeded with a Bill that in no way matched the Advertising for it, even attempting to cast the SPENDING AUTHORIZATIONS in LAW.

Misappropriation & Fraud or Grand Theft & Larceny? - I's A Toss-Up for me, follow the money. Since the Obamacare passage, in the dark of night and arguably against the Rule of LAW requiring that appropriations Bills Originate in the U.S. House of Representatives, a growing number of State Governments are paying Legal Appeals and Waivers diverting needed capital resources to fighting this unlawful Act.

The law, according to Vinson, was "outside Congress' Commerce Clause power and it cannot be otherwise authorized by an assertion of power under the Necessary and Proper Clause," the Wall Street Journal reported.
While it's a small - and perhaps one of the most controversial parts of the legislation -the clause makes the entire law void, according to Vinson. -from USNEWS

Since the first official ruling, acknowledging that WE THE PEOPLE were correct in our assessment of this far reaching legislation the misappropriations continue, quietly in contempt of the court ruling the Dept. of Justice is now aiding and abetting the Felonious Act by postponing the inevitable outcome.

The 1000+ waivers "GRANTED" by the supreme Federal Bureaucrats, at Dept Health & Human Services and February shift in policy direction towards the States directing Obamacare were proof that the Administration recognizes the LAW is not going to pass Constitutional Muster.

There is little doubt NOW, that Obamacare will be declared Void. (Hat Tip to Debbie at Eastern Orlando TeaParty) The precedent is deep enough, most recent support being a ruling that was suppressed by the Liberal Media in 1997. The State of Montana shut down the Federal desire to enforce the Clinton Era "Brady Bill" using Chief Law Enforcement Officers of the individual States.

Printz v. United States (95-1478), 521 U.S. 898 (1997)

WE all know the Bill is illegal, and has been declared VOID by the first Judge to hear the case, yet the Executive & Legislative Branches of Government continue to misappropriate funds to develop 150+ new wasteful departments.

The Gig is Up, The THEFT MUST STOP

AT WHAT POINT did this Federal Spending become Felonious Missapropriation is the first question I have for the Ethics Committees.

The second question is Whom should be impeached for this travesty of Justice? Is it enough to include the original perpetrators: President Obama, Senator Reid, Representative Pelosi, that implemented the permanent misappropriations?

SHOULD WE include Speaker Boehner for Continuing the Misappropriations by his fidelity to Rules the perps would not abide through Continuing Resolutions began by the Three Little Perps?

Having recognized his complicity, and atoned by cessation through the 2012 Budget Process, I would reward Speaker Boehner for his fidelity to Law.

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