Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tsunami: Learning the RIGHT Lessons

May God with all his Might and Grace, comfort those that have suffered the Loss of Loved ones, and strengthen the survivors rebuilding after the recent tsunami in Japan. Through natural disaster Humans re-learn to become enthusiastic about life, and often rebalance the stuff:relationships scales in the recovery period.

The Left Oriented Media, literally & emotionally thousands of miles away, is quick to help us identify the Lessons that support the ideology and Worldview they deem correct, while completely ignoring Lessons that challenge other positions. While focused on Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubts about the safety of Nuclear Power in the excitement of a non-standard F&D plant shut down, the media completely ignore the longer term impacts of flooding the plant with seawater destroying all future generating capacity for the plant.

Some of these impacts are local to Japan, as excerpted from a Bloomberg article on Sony shuts more plants from supply chain interruptions.

A recession is “almost certain,” according to Mizuho Securities Co.
“Companies’ production and people’s consumption will be stuck in an abnormal state at least for the next six months,” said Naoki Iizuka, a senior economist at Mizuho Financial Group Inc. in TokyoThe electricity shortage will continue to hamper economic activity.

Some impacts will be Global. The Nuclear Reactor is for practical purposes the harnessing of the Sun, right here on earth. An obvious question following dramatic withdrawal of significant Electrical Generation in Japan is if the chicken little's win their way...What Will Replace this source? New Gas Turbine or Coal Fired plants? 

In the Western United States we have seen a fraction of this type of impact in the California boom years. Rather than build Nuclear Generation capability, the "Environmentally Conscious" experts began building Natural Gas Turbine Generation. This of course has driven up the cost of home heating for those in fly-over country that prefer not to e waste Electricity trying to accomplish a task in which GAS is much more efficient. Of course they won't think of converting an internal combustion engine to natural gas capable, eliminating the wasteful transmission and recharging penalties.

In typical Government Efficiency, the idea that WE urgently need an ALL-Of-The-Above energy policy is now FOUR YEARS in discussion and no closer to reality. Adding insult to injury, we have the Depts like EPA and Interior (and others) working to starve the private sector of the Energy to recover, while spending records amounts digging us deeper into debt.

To make a long story short, the most important lesson for our officeholders in Washington may be that the need for Energy Independence is second only to Human Enthusiasm, IF a vibrant economy is the mission objective. Currently thanks largely to Career Politicians arrogance and greed, the United States of America is running low on both of these critical elements.

My message to the peoples house is as follows. Life is short, and you don't know when it will end. Real or as affected by Gov't, The Energy shortage will continue to hamper economic activity and until you get bureaucratic boots off our necks there is no recovery, only risk of deeper recession.

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